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NameSection SizeFigures
The Atlantean Origin of the Seven SacramentsAtlantis in Myths and Religion66,3 KB0
The Atlantean Symbolism of the Egyptian Temple (Part I)Atlantis in the Old World189 KB13
The Atlantean Symbolism of the Egyptian Temple (Part II)Atlantis in the Old World289 KB16
Atlantis ChecklistThe Scientific Evidence213 KB1
Corroborating Evidence on the Reality of AtlantisAtlantis in Myths and Religion61,2 KB0
Guanche Language Derived from Dravida? Atlantis in the Old World60,5 KB0
The Horse SacrificeAtlantis in the Indies157 KB2
The Mysterious Origin of the GuanchesAtlantis in the Old World64,2 KB2
The True History of AtlantisThe Scientific Evidence134 KB2
The Whirling Mountain of the NavajosAtlantis in the New World236 KB9

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